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Sandra Richmond, author of Milepost 75, book cover
Aging and Exploring Life Trails
with Wonder, Resilience, and Love.

Milepost 75 is part memoir, part travel guide and part cheerleader. In it, Sandra Richmond talks about staying physically active as age overtakes us, but also about staying mentally and emotionally open to new experiences that age and wisdom provide. Sandra doesn’t tell us what to do, or how to do it, but quietly encourages us to ask, “Why not try it? It might be fun.” This is a book about inspiration that inspires, about learning that teaches, about pushing through fear that morphs into quiet courage. It is at once a master class on aging and a celebration of a life fully lived. 

Melissa Bowersock,
Award winning author of Hopi Walk and more than 50 other captivating novels.

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About Sandi

Having recently turned 80 years old, Sandi Richmond, PhD, Management and Policy, did not fully embrace her active lifestyle until her mid-40s. But, once she got started, she never looked back, and has never stopped hiking, climbing, and walking.


At age 70, she incorporated adventure travel into her post-retirement life and passion for hiking. This has led to several challenging treks including the Inca Trail in Peru and the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

Though not a runner, she moves forward, slow and steady, every day, not only along trails but also in life. Despite having arthritis, atrial fibrillation, spinal stenosis, and joint replacement surgeries in both hips and knees, she has slow-walked several marathons, half marathons, 50, 15, 10, and 5Ks, in supporting worthy causes and happily encouraging others to join her in walker-friendly events.


Creating unique and precious memories, Sandi has also completed several challenging hikes and events with every member of her family.


Currently, she divides her time between Maryland, close to her daughter, and Florida, close to her son. Milepost 75 is her first book.

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About The Book

Sandra considers herself a late starter at almost everything including her active lifestyle (45), finishing school (53), adventure travel starting after she retired at 70, and even writing her first book!


Milepost 75 tells the story of the events and adventures she planned to accomplish to celebrate during the year she turned 75. It is filled with snippets of walking / hiking / climbing experiences with every member of her family including kids, grand-kids, in-laws, brother, cousin, and friends. Her beloved husband Arnie kept the home fires burning and provided loving support across the miles through numerous phone conversations during her excursions.

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