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More About Milepost 75

...from Jane Ramsey,

Founder of "Thriving in Retirement," and author of Vision Quest, a Journey to Happiness 

Sandra Richmond’s Milepost 75 inspires us at every step of her journey.   Her memoir tells the story of challenging personal goals she set for her 75th trip around the sun, with reflections spanning twenty-eight years beginning with her first Grand Canyon hike.


She looks back with wisdom and perspective on the victories, the seeming failures, and the lessons learned.  She shows us that what may have seemed like an insurmountable challenge in the moment, may teach a truth that provides a deep sense of fulfillment and penetrating insights of self.

Along the way she introduces us to the many trail angels who graced her journey, reminding us that the people we meet in life may not be random; they may be perfectly placed to intervene at crucial moments to help us along our path.

Sandra Richmond, author of Milepost 75, a memor.

Sandra Richmond

Sandi Richmond, author of Milepost 75, bridge shot.

Richmond also provides glimpses of the changing rhythms of each season of life.  Through her eyes, we see her family grow and take on new roles.  We see the love, hope, commitment and evolution of a strong family facing life together.  We see Richmond herself becoming a trail angel, playing a beautiful role that others played for her.


I found myself cheering her on, applauding her resilience and ability to ‘make lemonade’ in the face of life’s inevitable obstacles. Her story is a reminder that we all have much more capacity and potential than we realize.


Milepost 75 makes you feel as though you are walking with her every step of the way.  She helps us see that being out in nature and going on adventures does not need to end at a certain moment in one’s life but can go on well into an eighth decade and beyond.

Richmond’s personal story of earned wisdom shows us the blessing and gifts of spiritual enlargement that come from being in nature and looking inward to learn from life’s lessons.

One of the insights experienced as I read her story was that at a certain point in life we have a more complex understanding about ourselves and can look back to see that we have had an interesting path in life.  We can view the trials we’ve had with a broader perspective.  In hindsight we can better see the distractions, the fear, and the repetitive patterns.  And, the force of will or passion that can propel us to achievements we never thought possible.

Richmond’s book is inspiring because she dared to achieve mighty things despite obstacles and challenges. Her accomplishments encourage us to go for our dreams.

Sandi Richmond, author of Milepost 75, Camino sign shot.

Is there something that has beckoned you?  Perhaps a secret goal that you’ve kept tucked away? Read the book and realize that amazing achievements aren’t just for the young.  Like Sandra Richmond, dare to go for your big dream.

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